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Internet payments can be made through PaymentExpress, a private organization. Convenience fees will be charged to process all electronic check and credit card payments.  The convenience fees listed below are subject to change; however, you will be notified of the fee amount before approving the payment transaction.  PaymentExpress is not a Sacramento County agency; therefore, any transaction disputes or questions must be resolved through PaymentExpress. 

**Please make sure you are using one of the following browser versions in order to make your payment:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - Version 11 or Edge
  • Google Chrome - Version 30 or newer
  • Mozilla Firefox - Version 27 or newer
  • Safari - Version 7 or newer

Please upgrade to the latest version of your browser, or download the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. 

Use PaymentExpress Direct Link:

  • Enter your account number.
  • If you do not know your account number, contact DRR at (916) 875-7589.
  • Enter the first 4 letters of your last name or business name.
  • Then click the "Pay Now" button.
  • Enter the amount of your payment.
  • Select your payment method, Credit Card or E-Check.
  • Convenience Fee is $2.50 for Credit Card or $0.95 for E-Check.
  • Enter either credit card information or bank information for E-check.
  • Enter address, phone number and email address.
  • Then click "Continue" button.
  • Confirm the information you entered and click "Make Changes" button if necessary.
  • Click "Submit Payment" button.
  • PaymentExpress will provide a receipt and a confirmation number.

Credit and ATM/Debit Cards:            Visa.gifMastercard.gifAmerican Express.gifAmerican Express.gifMasterCard LogoAmerican Express LogoDiscover Card Logo

  • You will need credit card information.
  • $2.50 convenience fee is charged at the time payment is processed.
  • PaymentExpress provides a confirmation number once the electronic payment is completed.

For E-Check payments:   Electronic Check.jpg    

  • You will need bank routing and account numbers.
  • A $0.95 convenience fee is charged at the time the payment is processed.
  • PaymentExpress provides a confirmation number once the electronic payment is completed.

**For any questions, contact PaymentExpress Support @ 1-877-818-4323.

NOTE:  Any form of payment paid to DRR and dishonored for any reason will be assessed a $53.00 dishonored payment fee.

Payment Options:

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